Dates with bacon recipe

This piquant recipe of dates with bacon is totally great, it tastes much better if you use some fresh garlic and from that, it will be spicy as well. This is basically finger food and you are going to love it a lot. This one of the straightforward recipes and only takes 15 minutes to get prepared fully.

We are making these dates with bacon for only 4 people so the ingredient’s quantity is accordingly but if you have more or fewer guys then you can adjust it by yourself of if you get confused about it, then just hit us with a message and we will help you as soon as possible.


  • 20th Pc Dates, fresh or dried
  • 10 Schb Breakfast bacon
  • 2 Pc Garlic cloves
  • 20th Pc Almonds, peeled
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 prize black pepper


  1. The first step is a very simple step, in this, you just have to cut the bacon in slice form and in half. Now core the dates. Take out one of your frying pans and put it on low heat and toast the almonds in it and the pan should be dry, so don’t try to add oil or any other thing for wet frying. Once the almonds are lightly browned, take them out.
  2. Now put every toasted almond in each date and then wrap the whole date and almond with half slice of bacon and then pin it with a toothpick but make sure you take out the toothpick while eating!
  3. Here, you just have to peel the garlic and then cut it into lengthways and then heat some oil in a frying pan and fry the garlic along with the bacon dates. Fry the whole thing until they get crispy. Degrease the bacon dates on the kitchen paper and then grind it with the fresh pepper. Now you can serve your delicious dish but if you like then you can serve it with the fresh lettuce leaves as well and it will go perfect with it.

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